Benefits of
our smart solution


To connect to your WiFi your customers will need to log in with a social media account or their email.

You're close to finding out the secret of getting more return customers.


You gain access to in-depth information about WiFi users and a set of tools to analyze the data.

You can understand and serve your customers better.


Build customer loyalty, encourage more visits and gain reviews with Social WiFi marketing.

Engages users with your brand and help you retain a high recall value.

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Restaurants and bars

Bars, restaurants and hotels can increase revenue, update guests and add value to venues

Retail and malls

Increase revenue, update shoppers and encourage social engagement with Kloudboxx

Health Care

A hospital or healthcare centre visit can sometimes result in patients or visitors having time on their hands.

Stadiums and leisure

Improve the fan experience with live updates, in-game advertising and partnerships

All our packages include the following fantastic features & work globally

A plug & play solution

All preconfigured, so no technical knowledge required

Unlimited everything

Unlimited user access (hardware limitations may apply)

Customer Service

Unparalleled customer service from our Bangalore Headquarters.

Beautiful branding

A customization login screen that’s simple to use.

Data Export

Visitor statistics like number of logins, birthdays & data download.

Increase in social reach

Word of Mouth marketing on every Like or Follow.

Dashboard & Analytics

A beautiful reporting and analytics dashboard

Easy Social Media login

No long online forms or forgotten passwords

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